COPE Training

In Australia, in order to deliver the COPE program, health professionals must have successfully received training from a COPE Master trainer. 

The training consists of:

  • two days face to face training for occupational therapists, and
  • a half day session for nurses or a pre-recorded webinar now available online

Following training, heath professionals may participate in:

  • three group telephone coaching calls to support mastery of the program;
  • an online, facilitated COPE community to practice; and
  • certification for COPE trained occupational therapists who show evidence of delivering three complete COPE programs in their workplace.

COPE training costs vary depending on mode of delivery – contact us for more information: [email protected]

COPE training is being delivered across Australia by training company TREAT (trainers in evidence-based approaches in dementia for occupational therapists), in response to demand. COPE training and program implementation support is also available to whole organisations.

COPE training, pre-reading and coaching calls are all eligible for continuing professional development (CPD)

COPE Community of Practice

All COPE trained health professionals are invited to join the COPE Australia community of practice. This is a supportive, safe place for occupational therapists and nurses trained in the COPE program to share and validate knowledge and experiences of the COPE program so the community as a whole can develop and disseminate COPE best practice in Australia. All members are expected to make a positive contribution to the collective learning of the group.

If you are having difficulty accessing the community of practice please email [email protected]

Implementation Support

For many organisations delivering a program like COPE – an occupational therapy led, multi-session intervention – requires a change in practice. During the COPE Australia research project we learnt that organisations may require support to adopt, deliver and sustain the COPE program and through the research project an  “Implementation Support Strategies” document was developed. This includes program outcomes, potential referral sources, costs, funding options and practical steps to adopting COPE in your organisation.

We are also able to offer personalised implementation support for your organisation, if required, through the training company TREAT (trainers in evidence-based approaches in dementia for occupational therapists). This may consist of:

  • telephone or video support calls;
  • implementation meetings; or
  • facilitated implementation workshops for staff

Contact us at [email protected] to further discuss your organisation’s needs

Dementia Education

COPE training is designed for people working with people with dementia in their community. It is expected that you have knowledge and an understanding of dementia prior to attending.

If you would like to know more about dementia, short courses are available through:

Dementia Training Australia 

Dementia Australia

University of Tasmania

ABN – 95 426 601 094